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TDA CONSULTANTS provides consulting services for various short term projects however there are some long term projects for Each project had always been handled with development from Conception to Operation. Some of those projects were accomplished within a care to ensure that our clients were provided with the best professional services, in terms of efficiency, reliability, and economy.

Generally, TDA concentrates in rendering the following services :

  • Preliminary and Final Engineering Detailed Design
  • Specifications, Procurement and Tender Documents
  • Quantity Surveying & Cost Estimation ( structures )
  • Tender Evaluation Assistance

Established in early 1997, TDA Consultants had accomplished the Study, Design and Supervision Services in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering for various projects. Our Clients during those years from 1997 up to present may be classified as: 70% private sector, and the rest are Government Sector and State Enterprises.

It is our original intention and policy to limit our line of interest within certain fields of consulting engineering services. Such fields of interest would involve particular project study, design, and development which could be accomplished with our specialties and expertise, those fields include the followings :

  • Land Development & Housing Estate
  • Civil Works and Infrastructures
  • Structural Design Works

Firm Experiences

TDA have successfully rendered consulting services for our Clients on several projects as Structural Engineering Detailed Designs for :

  • Office Condominiums
  • Resort Hotels & Resort Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Shopping Center & Shopping Complex
  • Gymnasium and Sport Complex
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant